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Segway offers hoverboard competitor in US for $1,000

Segway has answered the rise and quick fall of the hoverboard with the cut-down Mini Pro, which is now available on preorder.

Segway has announced the Mini Pro, a self-balancing vehicle you can control remotely using your phone -- is now available for preorder in the US for $1000.

The Ninebot by Segway Mini Pro, released on June 26, features a cut-down Segway design which is controlled with the rider's knees as well as remotely over Bluetooth. However, given the short range of Bluetooth it's arguable if this will ever be used for anything more than party tricks.

Ninebot by Segway

Segway was acquired by Chinese company Xiaomi in 2015 and offers the similar Ninebot Mini in China for 1,999 yuan ($300).

The company says the US-only Mini Pro has UL 2272 certification which was designed to evaluate the safety of self-balancing scooters or "hoverboards."

Updated June 2 8,46 ET "The miniPRO and Mini were designed for two different markets. They are complementary products, with different specs. The Ninebot mini costs less, has fewer features and was built solely for the Chinese market", said Brian Buccella, Segway's vice president of marketing and business development.