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See just how complicated the Tesla Model S door handle is

At the minimum, it explains why they're so expensive.

A traditional door handle is a simple lever, but on the Tesla Model S, it's an intricate ballet of moving parts. Thanks to one curious auto writer, we can see exactly how it works.

Bozi Tatarevic, a freelance auto writer and general car-parts nerd, posted a YouTube video that offers up some serious details about the inner workings of the Model S door handle. Using a door handle he sourced from a junkyard for $30 (the assembly retails new for just under $800), he shows how the whole shebang works.

His attention to detail is staggering. Not only does he take it apart, but he also goes into detail on its operation -- how it's able to extend when you're walking up, or how it can extend when you give it a little push. He even broke it down to individual components, like the microswitches (Mouser) and the motors (Igarashi). To borrow a line from "The Big Lebowski," he's very thorough.

It's a good way to burn 12 minutes of time, and thankfully, it's not a one-off video. A forthcoming video will look at the common points of failure in the door handle assembly. That could be a boon for mechanically inclined owners, as some of these handles are now out of warranty.

If this is up your alley, I'd suggest following him on Twitter, where he regularly discusses individual vehicle components, their costs and whether or not they're shared with other vehicles. It's a parts-geek paradise over there.