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Scosche shows smartphone remote for car stereo

Automotive aftermarket supplier Scosche announced its ControlFreq car stereo today, which includes a smartphone app as a remote control.

Scosche ControlFreq car stereo
The Scosche ControlFreq car stereo includes modern digital audio sources, and a smartphone app for remote control. Scosche

Scosche's new ControlFreq car stereo, announced today, comes out with a full set of digital audio sources and a Bluetooth hands-free phone system. While competitive stereo offer similar features, the ControlFreq comes up with something new, a smartphone app for remote control.

The ControlFreq is a single DIN stereo, meaning it will fit into just about any car. Its faceplate includes a USB port, aux input, SD card slot, and even a CD slot. It will pair with Bluetooth phones for music streaming and hands-free calls, its built-in microphone supporting the latter feature.

Scosche ControlFreq car stereo
The ControlFreq app lets you change sources from a paired smartphone. Scosche

All these features make it quick means to tech up an older car.

Its most interesting feature is also of questionable value. The ControlFreq app for iOS and Android turns a smartphone into a remote control for the stereo. Using the app, users can tune the radio, change sources, and adjust the equalizer.

Some aftermarket stereos include remote controls, which are frequently thrown into the glove compartment and forgotten.

However, beyond the close quarters of a car's cabin, there is a use case for car stereo remotes. Teenagers at keg parties in the cornfields of the Midwest can use their cars as DJ sound stations. Remotes also come in handy among the larger confines of recreational vehicles and boats.

The ControlFreq outputs 15 watts RMS through four channels, and includes RCA outputs for external amps. It is available from Scosche for $139.95.