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SCORE Terrible's Primm 300: A Preview

This weekend marks the 14th year that SCORE International Racing will present its annual Terrible's Primm 300 in Las Vegas. Today's video blog takes a preview of what one might expect at this dusty and fun trophy truck race.


During the summer I dedicated my blog to the infamous Baja 1000 race inspired by an episode of "Jesse James is a Dead Man" that aired around that time on Spike TV. The Baja off road races are sponsored by a race organization known as SCORE International, a promotion that sponsors several annual off road race competitions for trophy trucks, and one of their signature events begins today and lasts through the end of this weekend in Las Vegas. This event is called the Terrible's Primm 300.

The SCORE Terrible's Primm 300 is an off road trophy truck that takes place in Las Vegas and is now into its 14th season as annual event for SCORE International. In preparation for this year's offering, I have provided this blog with a cool compilation video of brothers Josh and Jason Meister entering their first Terrible's Primm 300 oof road competition in 2007. This video gives us a first hand view of the awesome trophy trucks used in the SCORE off road races as well as the run of events including the practice run and the actual race itself. Based on what I see here, I can hardly wait to see the footage that stems from this year's race in Las Vegas.