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Scion Release Series 10.0 gains wireless charging, fancy LEDs

Every year, Scion releases a special edition of one of its vehicles. This year is the boxy xB's turn.

The RS 10.0 features pearlescent paint and-- wait, are those HUB CAPS!? Scion

Scion has announced the latest special edition in its Release Series: the 2014 Scion xB RS 10.0.

Slightly more than just a custom color scheme, the RS 10.0 distinguishes itself with LED illumination for the door sills and cup holders and a unique trio of LED projectors that cast the Scion logos onto the ground behind the car, the "xB RS 10.0" logo onto the carpet of the driver's footwell, and sequential serial number onto the passenger side carpet. Only 1,500 xB RS 10.0s will be built and sold.

LED projectors cast virtual badges onto the ground and front floor mats. Scion

An inductive charging pad will be built in RS 10.0's center console, allowing wireless charging of compatible smartphones and portable devices. Presumably, this uses the Qi standard, which you can also find offered on the 2014 Avalon and Prius and really should be an option for all Scion models going forward.

Wireless charging is standard on the xB RS 10.0, but should be optional on all Scions. Scion

The RS 10.0 also features Electric Quartz paint -- a pearl white hue that features a slight green color-shift highlight -- and piano black interior accents. Perhaps the oddest "feature" are the Tungsten Gray colored wheel caps, rather than custom alloy wheels. I suppose that Scion is counting on the average xB RS 10.0 buyer to ditch the stock caps and wheels in favor of aftermarket parts.

Of course, under the custom color and fancy illumination, the $20,420 RS 10.0 is just a fully-loaded Scion xB, a car that underwhelmed us when we reviewed it previously .