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Scion raises iQ with the PlayStation Vita

Promoting the nationwide launch of the tiny iQ, Scion will give buyers of the car a free PlayStation Vita portable gaming device through July 31.

PlayStation Vita's OLED screen looks gorgeous from any angle.
Photo by Sarah Tew/CNET

Scion's new iQ model bolsters its claim on the youth market with its tiny size, cartoonish looks, and low price. To push that appeal further, Scion announced that each car will include a PlayStation Vita portable gaming system.

Buy an iQ and get one of these. Sarah Tew/CNET

This promotion starts today and runs through July 31, or while supplies last, according to Scion's press release. Scion expects to sell about 800 iQs per month, if it tracks close to xB and xD sales. If it does that well at launch, Scion could be forking over a couple thousand Vitas -- again, if supplies last.

Whether the inclusion of a $250 gaming device will motivate buyers to take the plunge is debatable. Scion's other promotions, $1,000 rebates for U.S. military personnel and for recent college grads, should serve as a bigger incentive.