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Scion Hako Coupe concept

Scion teases a new concept to be unveiled at the 2008 New York auto show.

Scion Hako Coupe concept fender
Scion's Hako Coupe concept will be unveiled at the New York auto show. Scion

Amid all the news coming from the Geneva auto show, Scion slipped out a news release on what it will unveil at the upcoming New York auto show. The company released few details on the new concept, other than to write in the news release: "The sporty interpretation of the box concept was developed by Tokyo Design Division which studied global, youth-inspired trends." That statement could describe almost any Scion model.

We are looking forward to seeing the concept at the New York show because Scion concepts are few and far between. The picture Scion released is only a detail of the hood, but from it we can tell that this coupe has a blunt front end, like the Scion xB, with angular design cues in the body molding. LED head lights are also visible.

Look for our 2008 New York auto show coverage starting March 19.