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Audi's Formula E partner built a 1,180 horsepower electric RS3

It'll hit 124 mph in less than 7 seconds... silently.

It looks closer to Audi's DTM cars than it does a series production RS3, but it's awesome nevertheless.

Formula E might not be the household name that Formula 1 is, but that doesn't mean its tech is any less impressive when applied in unique ways.

Case in point, the Schaeffler 4ePerformance concept. Schaeffler took four electric motors from its Formula E racecar and slapped them into a body based on the Audi RS3 sedan. The result is an electric car putting out 1,180 horsepower, which is enough to launch the car to 124 mph in less than 7 seconds.

Two batteries provide a net 64 kWh of juice to the motors, so while this thing definitely hauls, it probably doesn't haul for very long. A Tesla Model S P100D, for example, has approximately 1.5 times the capacity and has a range of about 300 miles, but it's also less powerful.

Sadly, this is just a concept and has no hopes of making it to production, but Schaeffler is using this concept to prove that motorsport and street cars have a closer connection than many think.

"In the same way as Schaeffler has contributed its technical expertise to Formula E from the very beginning, it also plays a pioneering role and is a partner for components and complete system solutions when it comes to applying electric mobility to volume production vehicles and putting them on the road," said Peter Gutzmer, chief technical officer of Schaeffler, in a statement.

The 4ePerformance concept will out-accelerate the Ferrari 488 Pista. Yowza.