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Save up to $300 Off E-Bikes at Rad Power Bikes Right Now

Zoom around campus or commute to work with ease with one of these discounted electric bikes.

The RadMission e-bike from Rad Power Bikes is displayed in front of city buildings.
Rad Power Bikes

With gas prices in flux and the cost of nearly everything going up, a lot of people are looking for ways to cut costs. Cities often charge a premium for parking, and traffic can be a hassle to navigate through. E-bikes, along with scooters and other ridable tech, have skyrocketed in popularity as a way to get where you're going without breaking a sweat. There are a ton of electric bike options available that can provide you a green way to navigate your city, commute to work or get around campus. And many of them are reasonably priced, especially if you hold out for a good deal.

Right now Rad Power Bikes is cutting costs on a few of its e-bike models. You can save $200 on the RadCity 3 and the RadCity 4 Electric City Bikes or $300 on the RadMission Electric Hybrid Bike, making investing in an e-bike a little easier on your wallet. 

The RadMission is lightweight, comparatively, and has a ride-feel that is similar to a road bike. Because it's light, it's a great option for apartment dwellers and others who may have to carry their e-bike up a flight of stairs. It supports up to 275 pounds, sports a 500W motor, has a four-level pedal assist and gets up to 45 miles per charge. At $300 off, you'll pay just $899 for the mid- or high-step models.  

Like the RadMission, both of the RadCity models on sale have a range of up to 45 miles per charge and can carry up to 275 pounds, but the RadCity bikes feature a 750W motor and a five-level pedal assist. And the RadCity 3 features a Step-Thru design which can be convenient if you have a shorter frame or dress in business attire frequently. These features do make these e-bikes a bit more expensive, but with the $200 discount, you can score either for $1,399. 

And whichever model you choose, you can customize with handy accessories like racks, wheel locks and more -- though those add-ons come with an extra cost. 

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