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Santa's Sleigh is a Race Car???

Watch as a 12 Hours of Sebring race car float becomes Santa's Sleigh Float spreading holiday cheer on the streets and waterfront of Sarasota.

It's less than 12 hours before I will be leaving on a jet plane for a holiday in Ohio with my family, so I'm gonna keep this short: I figured for the Xmas Eve edition of this video blog, I'd present something fun and festive, and I thought this little video from 2000 would suit the bill. Basically what we got here is a 12 Hours of Sebring race car float was morphed into a bright and cute "Santa's Sleigh" for a Xmas parade in Sarasota, Florida. The beginning of the vid shows some of the assembly that was involved in putting this float together, and the rest of the video is the passengers spreading some holiday cheer before parking near the scenic waterfront. And in the last twenty or so seconds of the clip, it appears that the float is rocking - is it hydraulics or is it just the revelers dancing and having a good time? Does it matter? Happy Holidays everyone!