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Saab: A history in pictures and video

Today's video is a look back at the rich history of Saab, as it heads into the future with a new manufacturer.

Within the last week, Dutch manufacturer Spyker Cars completed its acquisition of the Swedish Saab brand from General Motors--a deal that's been in the works for quite a while now. And so it seems that Saab has a new lease on life in the automotive world, but exactly what that future is or how it will pan out is a topic of mere speculation. It has been said that often times one must know about the past to understand the future, and with this credo I present today's video--a tribute to the rich history of Saab brand automobiles.

This video clip compiles photos and video footage of Saab vehicles throughout the years along with some historical notes about Saab's growth and evolution along the way. Many of the Saabs presented here I've never seen before, which makes this vid quite the trip for historical car geek enthusiasts. And now that we've recognized and paid homage to the past, it should be real interesting to see what the future holds for the Saab brand in the hands of Spyker Cars. Thank you, and good luck to Saab!