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Rotary drop disappearing car doors also drop jaws

We may be a little behind the times on this one, but we've just spotted a quite incredible car door system known as rotary drop, or disappearing car doors.


We may be a little behind the times on this one, but we've just spotted a quite incredible alternative to standard car doors. Unlike most implementations, which are hinged in some way, rotary drop or 'disappearing' car doors slide up and down like the security shutters on shop windows -- only upside-flippin'-down.

According to their designers, Jatech, rotary doors have several benefits. Most imporantly, they'll astound every man, woman and child that claps eyes on it. They also make getting in and out of cars an absolute breeze -- particularly when parked close to other vehicles -- and eliminate the likelihood of having your open car door ripped off by passing traffic.

Rotary drop doors can be installed in place of a car's standard hinged front doors or -- with the removal of the central b-pillar -- can be extended to allow entry to both the front and rear compartments. Both solutions, according to Jatech, provide a significant improvement in the strength, stiffness and lightness of a car's overall body structure.

Bizarrely, Jatech claims rotary doors give better access to occupants in serious crash situations, though presumably not when said doors have been so badly mangled they no longer open automatically. They also claim these doors can make a car lighter, but we doubt that too, seeing as ordinary doors don't require a motor to open or close. 

That said, rotary doors are a very interesting concept and we're surprised they haven't caught on -- at least in the Tim Westwood or Xzibit set. If you're interesting in having them fitted to your own car, head on over to and don't forget to watch the video of it in action below.