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Rolls-Royce developing an electric Phantom limousine

Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce says it's developed its first electric-powered vehicle, which will be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.


Luxury car maker Rolls-Royce says it's developed its first electric-powered vehicle, which it will use to gauge public interest in an electric Rolls.

The English company will use the one-off 102EX, based on the company's Phantom limousine, to see how customers respond to a fully electric-powered car. After its stint on the motor show dais it will take a tour of Europe, the Middle East, Asia and North America.

Battery gauge in the Rolls-Royce Phantom 102EX
Possibly the classiest battery gauge ever. (Credit: Rolls-Royce)

"We have engineered the world's first battery electric vehicle for the ultra-luxury segment," chief executive Torsten Muller-Otvos said in a statement.

"With this vehicle, we begin an exploration into alternative drivetrains, seeking clarity on which alternative technologies may be suitable to drive Rolls-Royce motor cars of the future."

The company wants to ascertain how long the car can drive between recharges and how it operates in extreme weather conditions, but there are no plans yet to develop a production version.

"I must be convinced that any alternative drivetrain we choose for the future delivers an authentic Rolls-Royce experience," Muller-Otvos said.

"It must be a technology that is right for our customers, our brand and which sets us on a sound footing for a sustainable future."

The high-end car maker — owned, effectively, by BMW since 2003 — has launched a website, dubbed Electric Luxury, to gauge buyer, public and media attitudes towards an electric Roller.

Spirit of Ecstasy on the Rolls-Royce Phantom 102EX
The 102EX features a Spirit of Ecstasy lit in electric blue. (Credit: Rolls-Royce)

Rolls-Royce has only issued two images and limited information about the Phantom 102EX. More will be revealed on 1 March, so stay tuned for more shortly.