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Rolls-Royce Cullinan teases tail ahead of May 10 debut

This is the first time we've seen any uncovered part.

It's a pretty taillight, and I imagine the rest of the Cullinan will match that assessment.


Every teaser of the Rolls-Royce Cullinan thus far has focused on its commanding front end. Now, we finally get an idea of what's 'round back.

Rolls-Royce has thrown out one more teaser for its new Cullinan SUV ahead of its official debut on May 10. The teaser shows a taillight, and that's about it. The taillight is pretty similar to the new Phantom's, in that there's a ring of light surrounding a darker middle portion. There's a small Rolls-Royce emblem hiding in that innermost portion, because of course there is.

The highest of high-end automakers notes that additional teasers of uncovered Cullinan parts will be disseminated prior to its reveal, so this is just the beginning of a teaser campaign, not the end of one.

Rolls-Royce first confirmed the Cullinan name in February, after originally announcing the SUV as Project Cullinan. We haven't seen too much of the car yet, but we do know that the cargo area will have a set of retractable leather seats, called the "viewing suite," which will allow owners to sit back and bask in the sunrise, or watch a kid's lacrosse game, or whatever it is Cullinan owners will do with their six-figure SUVs.

Keep your eyes peeled to Roadshow in the coming days for more teasers and, eventually, actual information and pictures of Rolls-Royce's mega-posh SUV.