Rolls-Royce Adamas Collection rocks a carbon-fiber Spirit of Ecstasy

If you know a goth with six figures' worth of liquidity, point 'em this way.

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The Rolls-Royce Black Badge collection is the automaker's attempt to capture more youthful buyers with a darker, more aggressive aesthetic edge. But in case that didn't go far enough, Rolls-Royce now has the Adamas Collection.

The Adamas Collection is a small-batch run of extra-dark Wraiths and Dawns. There are some key differences, all of which are aesthetic. The Spirit of Ecstacy, everyone's favorite hood ornament, is now made of machined carbon fiber. It takes 294 layers of carbon fiber and 68 hours of production time to make each one. The ornament's base is made from titanium in a dark finish.

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If there's any automaker that has the two-tone paint job nailed, it's Rolls-Royce.


The exterior further stands apart with a new two-tone paint job. Based off the interior colors found on the standard Black Badge models, the Adamas Collection can be had in a two-tone combination of black and either red or blue. The grille is darker, too, because it was one of the few things that wasn't already dark as night.

Rolls-Royce stays true to its tradition of building some of the best interiors ever. The Adamas Collection features a unique clock with 88 lab-grown black diamonds forming an infinity symbol on a black carbon-fiber plate. The face of the clock is white, because you have to have some variation in color. Rolls-Royce's fiber-optic laden headliner has been reconfigured so the lights mimic a diamond's molecular structure, and it's built to match the buyer's choice of exterior color.

The interior is rounded out with a two-tone steering wheel and black leather on the door cards and transmission tunnel. Its dark brushed-metal trim is cold to the touch, because it's real metal, which it should be at this price point. I don't think I make enough money to write about this car, never mind own one.

If you want one, you'll have to act fast. The Adamas Collection is limited to just 40 Wraiths and 30 Dawns. Rolls-Royce didn't mention a price, but for context's sake, a standard Wraith Black Badge costs somewhere in the neighborhood of $350,000. That's just a bit more than a base Dawn, to say nothing of its Black Badge variant.

Rolls-Royce Adamas Collection is a Roller for the brooding sort

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