Rollers, Nissans, rivals and puppies: Our week on Instagram

We *really* love dogs.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Nobody went missing this week. That's a good thing, I think. After a couple weeks of slow Instagram posting, both Roadshow and Carfection are back in fighting form for this week, and boy howdy, we have done a ton of crap this week.

No matter what the hands on the clock say, Carfection's been stuck in time at Dawn -- the Rolls-Royce Dawn, that is. Yeah, so what if that joke sucked, the car sure doesn't. It's a lovely piece of British (er, German) engineering, both weighing and costing as much as a house. Whatever else they did this week doesn't matter, because Dawn.

Over at Roadshow, we had a hell of a busy week. Tim drifted the Focus RS with the former Stig, Ben Collins, and also retrieved himself a new race car. The San Francisco crew spent the week working on a new Rivals video with three different hybrids. Jon's driving a Lexus GS F that may or may not still have sand in it (long story). Finally, since it's National Dog Day, Tim and I added some canine contributions to our 'Gram.