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Robocar races through Paris streets (Updated)

Roborace's Robocar made history by being the first autonomous car tested in Paris. And it's a race car to boot.

Robocar may not be the first car to race through Paris, but it is the first to do it autonomously.

At Formula E's Paris ePrix, the Robocar negotiated the 1.9-kilometer circuit's 14 turns without human intervention, and the company says this is the first time an autonomous car has been tested on Parisian streets.

Under the hood (body?) Robocar packs four electric motors that pump out 400 horsepower, and it's capable of hitting speeds over 200 mph.

On the computer side, the car "sees" with five lidar emitters, two radar emitters and 18 ultrasonic sensors, six cameras and two optical speed sensors. The data crunching is done by a Nvidia Drive PX2 computer that can perform 24 trillion A.I. functions a second.

UPDATE 5/25/2017: We got in touch with Roborace's head of public relations, Victoria Tomlinson and she said the Robocar completed five laps around the Paris ePrix circuit, and the laps weren't timed. Robocar's next public demonstration is at the Belin ePrix in June.