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Anthony Inswasty

Roadshow Asks: How do you choose your gas?

Price, grade, recommendation or manufacturer suggestions -- how do you decide?

Hey all! I'm Nicolas, a summer intern here at CNET. During my time here, I've learned a lot about CNET and Roadshow, and in particular, a lot about the content they report on. 

In fact, Roadshow editor-at-large Brian Cooley recently answered a reader email regarding gas grades, gas quality and why midgrade gas even exists. Brian explains how midgrade gasoline accounts for the smallest percentage of all gas sales in the US, but it's still a required grade for some cars. He also clarifies how using gas with the proper octane rating relates to the efficiency and power of your car, as well as to the health of your engine. You can read the article here, and watch the video to see for yourself what he has to say. 

Now playing: Watch this: Why is there midgrade gas?

This personally hits close to home. After viewing this video, I checked out the resource Cooley mentions and found out something rather alarming: I've been using the wrong gas my entire life! I've only been driving for 7 years, but during that time, I've been putting regular gas in my tank, when my car calls for premium. I can certainly say I'm glad to have been set straight.

While I'm not excited at the prospect of paying more at the pump, I am excited to see if I experience the benefits of using the proper gas. Will my car drive further per gallon? Am I really even paying more at the pump if I am refilling less frequently? Will I feel a little more "oomph" when I press on the gas pedal? I've been told different things by different people when I ask about this topic. Since I was originally under the impression fuel grade didn't matter, I always went for the cheapest option at the pump, but now, I'm making the switch.

So, without further ado, I have some questions for you: What is your biggest reason for choosing the gas you use? Is it price? Your car's user manual? Participate in the poll below and share your opinions in the comments section.