Roadshow Asks: Autonomous cars -- Where do you stand?

We know they’re coming, it's only a matter of time. What are your thoughts on this advancement in the auto industry? Do you think fully self-driving cars will be safe?

Manuel Flores

We have all dreamed about a time in the future where we'll have true self-driving cars. One day, those dreams will become reality. They're coming whether you like it or not -- In fact, semiautonomous cars are already out there. Fully self-driving cars aren't ready for the general public just yet though. Companies like Tesla, LyftWaymo, and more are testing self-driving prototypes right now. But how safe are they?

There have been mixed reports, some saying semiautonomous cars have caused accidents and others arguing that semiautonomous cars are indeed safe. What do you guys think? Do you trust technology enough to drive your car? Do the ease and convenience of semiautonomous cars make them more appealing? Self-driving cars could be very beneficial for those who are physically incapable of driving, and it could even lessen the number of drunk-driving accidents. But if an accident were to happen, who is to blame, and how do insurance companies take that into consideration? Let us know your take on this advancement in the auto industry by filling out the poll below.