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Road & Track tests the Mach 5

An article in Road & Track purports to test a real life Mach 5 car.

Mach 5
The Mach 5 was on display at the Detroit auto show. CNET Networks

Somehow, a reporter for Road & Track got to test the Mach 5, the car from the upcoming Speed Racer movie. We got to see the Mach 5 at the Detroit auto show, although the one we saw looked like a nonfunctional mock-up. Some of the features and specs covered in the Road & Track article seem fictional, such as the "crampons" that are supposed to wrap around the tires for better traction. But the article includes pictures of things such as the saw blades that pop out from the front, so we're not really sure what to believe. The car in the article is supposed to be powered by an 8-liter quad turbocharged V-12 putting out 1,700 horsepower. According to the spec sheet handed out at the Detroit auto show, the fictional car only has 1,000 horsepower. The article also points out that Yokohama designed special tires for the Mach 5, and the car's builder says that most of the film's budget was spent on the car. But when we see stats such as 0.6 seconds to 60 mph, we have to assume that the entire article is fictional.