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Rivian R1T and R1S: Here's how I'd spec them

I got an early glimpse at Rivian's online configurator, which opens to the public on Nov. 23.

Rivian R1S
Rivian Blue is the best color.

The general public won't be able to configure a Rivian R1S SUV or R1T truck until Nov. 23. But if you preordered one of these new EVs, the configurator opens this week. And thanks to some early access credentials, that means it's time for me to hop in and configure my dream off-road EV.

The first two models to arrive will be the R1T Launch Edition in June 2021 followed by the R1S Launch Edition in August. The R1T truck will be priced at $75,000 while the R1S will cost $77,500. Neither price includes federal tax incentives or the still-unknown destination charge.

Both vehicles will launch with the midrange 300-mile battery pack. The 400-mile pack comes online in January 2022 for the R1T, and it's unclear when the R1S will be available with this. A lower-range 250-mile option will be available eventually, too. If you want the 400-mile battery pack on your R1T, you're looking at an extra $10,000.

The only standard exterior color choices are launch green, LA silver and glacier white. If you want red canyon, midnight, limestone, forest green or El Cap granite, it'll cost you $1,500. The ultra-pretty Rivian blue and compass yellow are $2,500. The black mountain and ocean coast interior color schemes are free of charge, but forest edge is an additional $2,000. You may dig a dark green interior, but my taste is much more in line with the bright ocean coast.

As for wheels, you can get 20-, 21- or 22-inch rollers on the Launch Edition, all for the same price. If you spec the Adventure or Explore packages, 21s come standard, with various styles of 20s and 22s costing extra.

You'll have to wait until January 2022 if you want the Adventure package, which costs the same as the Launch Edition. The Explore trim becomes available at that time, too, priced from $67,500 on the R1T and $70,000 on the R1S. You can check out my earlier story for more information on what's included in each.

Want the onboard camp kitchen with its induction cooktop, sink and 4-gallon water tank? That'll be $5,000. That kitchen option is pretty expensive considering I can buy a Skottle grill for under $400 -- heck, even an old-school Coleman propane stove costs less than $50. Plus, the camp kitchen is heavy and takes up all the space in the gear tunnel. The kitchen is removable, but still, no thanks.

Personally, I'd skip the kitchen, and save an extra $7,500 by picking the Explore instead of the Adventure. Yes, that means I'll have to pay extra to get the off-road upgrade pack that comes bundled with the Adventure trim, which includes tow hooks, an onboard air compressor and reinforced underbody protection. But that's a $2,000 option, so I still come out ahead. I lose out on ventilated seats, a power tonneau cover, an upgraded sound system and some nice interior touches, but I'm not sure any of that is worth the $5,500 I'm saving.

I'll take my R1T Explore in Rivian Blue ($2,500), pairing it with the Ocean Coast interior and 20-inch wheels ($1,800). All told my dream R1T comes to $83,800. If you load it up with everything, you can hit $98,000. Yikes. My perfect R1S is the Launch Edition, since it's unclear when the larger battery pack will be offered. If I choose the compass yellow color scheme, I'm looking at $80,000.

Want to play around on the configurator yourself? You'll have to wait until Nov. 23. In the meantime, be sure to read my full account of driving the R1T off road in the desert for eight days. Hopefully it'll get you as stoked as I am.