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Rivian files application for six new US trademarks

These six trademarks are likely foreshadowing the EV startup's next models.

These handsome electric vehicles might be getting some siblings soon.

Now all of us around the Roadshow office have been pretty excited to see a production version of the Rivian R1T truck and R1S SUV since they debuted in the metal at the LA Auto Show a few years ago. Those vehicles are getting pretty close to release, which is cool, but that doesn't mean Rivian is taking a break.

In fact, according to a post published on Wednesday by the Rivian Owners Forum, the company has just applied for six new trademarks, likely for future vehicles. Now, given the naming conventions that Rivian chose for its first vehicles, you might expect the new trademarks not to be all that exciting as far as vehicle names go, and friend, you'd be right.

The six trademark applications are R3T, R4T, R5T, R3S, R4S and, you guessed it, R5S. We'd expect that this means that Rivian will make three new trucks and three new SUVs, likely aimed at different levels of the market. We'd expect them to come in at slightly less than the R1 models, but that's just speculation on our part.

The first R1T electric trucks are now expected to start reaching customers in September, but they've been delayed before -- even as recently as last month -- so that is very possibly going to change. Still, given all the bragging that Emme Hall has been doing about the truck, it'll be worth waiting for.

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