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Rich Rebuilds is making an electric rat rod and we're extremely here for it

Uncle Rich is smashing together a 1930s Ford Model A and a late model Zero electric motorcycle.

By now most of you probably know who Rich Rebuilds is, but in case you don't, he's an EV enthusiast best known for buying and restoring salvaged Teslas on his YouTube channel, often to the chagrin of Tesla purists

His latest project is a little different though because instead of a flood-salvaged Tesla, he's starting with a salvage-title Zero electric motorcycle and a Ford Model A rat rod. Yeah, you read that right. He's going to swap the full Zero drivetrain, including battery pack, into the Model A.

It's definitely one of the weirder EV conversions we've heard of, but we're into it. 

We're especially into the fact that it's meant to be a budget build. He was able to pick up his salvaged Zero for just $3,200, and the rat rod Ford was someone else's project that he was able to pick up cheaply.

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So far there have been two videos in the series, and we'll be interested to see what he figures out in terms of making the electric motor work with the manual transmission in the rat rod, despite having opted to forego the clutch and flywheel assembly.

Also, maybe he'll let us drive his deathtra... project car when it's done!