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Review: Sony NV-U83T

CNET reviews the Sony NV-U83T GPS device.

First introduced at CES 2008, the Sony NV-U83T is the company's flagship portable navigation system. With a focus on safety, the NV-U83T features several nice and unique features, including pressure, gyro, and acceleration sensors to provide for more accurate positioning even when driving through tunnels and in between tall buildings. It even has 3D renderings of complicated intersections. Plus, it boasts a large 4.8-inch screen with a Gesture Command function that lets you perform certain tasks with just the swipe of your finger. Throw in the integrated Bluetooth and text-to-speech functionality, and you seemingly have good in-car GPS for pretty fair price of $399.99. However, you've got to have the performance to back it up and the Sony NV-U83T just doesn't bring it, it lags behind the completion from start to finish.

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