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Review: Ferrari Virtual Race

Ferrari Virtual Race is a fun, free simulator that allows you to drive around a track in the car of your dreams.


Ferrari Virtual Race won't win Game of the Year, but it may kill your afternoon as you zip around the track in your dream car.

The game is free and downloads in just a few minutes. In addition to choosing your car (599 GTB Fiorano, 612 Scaglietti, or 430 Scuderia) and color (from a choice of a dozen), players can chose their track and number of opponents. Soon players will be able to race each other online for prizes.

Driving is fairly straightforward, with standard keyboard controls. Cameras, (two chase cameras, hoop, cockpit and bumper) can be changed on the fly.

The controls are a bit twitchy, sometimes even slight movements can send your car veering off the track. The ever-present speedometer is also a bit confusing--80 mph looks like an actual 30. But, overall the cars are easier to race the more you play.

For now, the game is available for PC. Ferrari Challenge, essentially the same game, is available for PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Nintendo DS, and Wii. But you have to pay for it.