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Review: Audi finds the cutting edge with 2012 A6

CNET reviews the Audi A6, one of the most cutting-edge cars available today. It uses a dedicated data connection to enable Google search and navigation, along with other information.

2012 Audi A6
Josh Miller/CNET

When we got the 2012 Audi A6 in for review, we had some idea what to expect from having previously seen the A7. But that did not lessen the wow factor of looking at Google Earth imagery on the navigation screen, nor pushing the voice command button and initiating a Google location search.

Those connected features aside, the A6 also shows off Audi's excellent performance tech. With a supercharger and direct injection, Audi gives the A6 loads of power while keeping fuel economy in a reasonable range. You don't see many cars that can boast over 300 horsepower and bring in mid-20s fuel economy.

And despite not being a sports model (Audi uses its S and RS designations for those), the A6 delivered solid high-speed handling. Its Quattro all-wheel drive kept the tires gripping pavement as we flogged it through corners, the traction control letting us get away with rubber burning antics.

From drive train to electronics to interface, Audi pushes the boundaries. If it can be improved with technology, Audi is on it with the A6.

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