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Review: 2009 Range Rover Sport HSE

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2009 Range Rover Sport HSE.


Terrain crawling tech lets the 2009 Range Rover Sport HSE maintain its rugged reputation, but an upscale price means luxury elements, such as real wood trim and a refrigerator in the console. Offroad enthusiasts may think the lack of a fold-down windshield keeps the Range Rover Sport in the soft-road class, but this tank enhances its locking differentials with an air suspension that moves it into high-clearance mode. Terrain programs fine-tune the Range Rover's handling for the slippery and jagged.

The basics of cabin tech are here, including navigation and cell phone integration, but integration is poor. The navigation system gets shoehorned into the top of the dashboard, with completely separate controls and display from the stereo system. The voice command system seems to come from another vehicle entirely. But there are a few highlights, such as the Harmon Kardon audio system and the navigation system's offroad mode.

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