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Review: 2009 Honda Pilot EX-L

The 2009 Honda Pilot EX-L is a solidly built SUV, but it feels underpowered for its size. Technophiles will want to step up to the Touring trim level or look elsewhere.

2009 Honda Pilot EX-L
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Let's face it: the Honda Pilot has always looked like a brick on wheels. The new-for-2009 Pilot, with its CR-V-inspired grille, looks even worse. It doesn't get much better on the inside, with a dash dominated by cheap plastics and questionable material choices. As much as we dislike the Pilot's aesthetics, we can say that the SUV feels solid, as though it were machined out of a solid piece of metal. The ride is supple without being floaty, and the cabin is among the quietest in its class.

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