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Review: 2009 Dodge Journey

CNET Car Tech reviews the 2009 Dodge Journey.

Crossover vehicles are all the rage. There is nary a midsize sedan on the market that isn't in line to be redesigned as a small wagon or SUV loaded with family-friendly options and sold as a minivan substitute. Into this fray comes the 2009 Dodge Journey R/T AWD, riding on a stretched Avenger platform and squeezing a third row of seats into the bargain.

So how does Chrysler, inventor and ongoing proponent of the minivan, fare in its effort to de-minivan the minivan? A lot about the Journey is good, especially the available interior electronics. It's available with an onboard 30GB hard drive for navigation and the capability to rip music from CDs, or copy music from MP3 players and portable-storage devices via USB. Chrysler's experience with maximizing seating and storage capabilities is certainly on display in the Journey. General reaction to the styling from both the auto show circuit and our experience on the street seems to be positive; however, especially in the brightest colors, we found aspects of the exterior garish.

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