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Rev your engine, face a four-figure fine

Well-heeled UK auto enthusiasts are being forced to cut down on the showmanship, which has been bothering neighbors and creating a safety hazard.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder
Your Lamborghini Huracan might sound great to you, but it's not so hot for the person that's trying to sleep after a long day at the office.
Josh Miller/CNET

If you're interested in cars, you probably don't mind hearing an expensive car's exhaust note from time to time. However, if that's not your hang, the constant blaring of massive engines can get quite tiring. One district in London is getting tired of noise pollution and safety concerns, so it's imposing some hefty fines for rev-happy car fanatics.

The Knightsbridge district on London is home to some of the fanciest folks in town. It's also home to many out-of-towners that head to London in the summer to escape the heat of their home countries. These well-off visitors also bring their seven-figure supercars along, and they've been known to race down crowded streets and rev engines like there's no tomorrow.

Thus, the local council has implemented a steep fine for those caught misbehaving. The government can levy fines of up to £1,000 (converted directly about $1,521 or AU$2,110) for a variety of offenses, including engine revving, quick acceleration and leaving a car with its engine running. Residents can call a 24-hour hotline to narc on drivers, and if a scofflaw balks on the payment, it can contact his or her embassy to pass along the ticket.

Noise pollution is a real concern for people that don't watch YouTube videos of the LaFerrari all day long, and any sort of fast driving on Knightsbridge's tight roads can cause calamity in half a heartbeat. Nobody should have to risk his or her physical well being on an afternoon stroll to Harrods.