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Renault-Nissan forms in-house autonomous-tech division

Its partnership with Microsoft clearly isn't enough.

There's a greater sense of accomplishment when you build, instead of buy, your way to the future.

Loic Venance/AFP/Getty Images

In late September, Renault-Nissan announced a partnership with Microsoft. Apparently, that's not enough to satiate the automaker's desire for advancing in-car technology, because it's also creating its own startup.

Renault-Nissan will form a 300-person, in-house tech startup division, Automotive News reports. Ogi Redzic, the automaker's senior vice president, will helm the operation. Redzic has plenty of tech experience, as his previous job was with Here, which focuses on high-definition mapping.

The startup division, which is called the Alliance Connected Vehicle and Mobility Services team, will focus on three primary areas -- software development, cloud engineering and data analytics. All three are absolutely pivotal in building autonomous vehicles. Renault-Nissan hopes to launch nearly a dozen vehicles with autonomous tech by 2020.

"We're seeking those with expertise in software and cloud engineering, data analytics, machine learning and systems architecture," CEO Carlos Ghosn wrote in a LinkedIn post in June. "We are taking our message directly to job seekers interested in joining the most dynamic, diverse, fast-moving team that will change the way people think about cars."

Renault-Nissan's in-house division will work in the new-mobility space alongside two partners. The Alliance acquired software-development firm Sylpheo, which will focus on app development. The automaker's Microsoft partnership focuses on using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform to add new connectivity options like over-the-air updates and remote vehicle diagnostics.