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Renault intros front swivel seat for elderly, handicapped

With its new Clio, Renault offers the first-ever OEM front swivel seat, allowing for better entrance and egress for passengers with limited mobility.

Renault Clio's swivel seat
The Clio's optional swivel seat rotates 75 degrees at the pull of a lever. Renault/YouTube

As part of its "Mobility for All" campaign, Renault has introduced the first front passenger swivel seat by a European OEM. Offered as an option on the Renault Clio, the swivel seat rotates 75 degrees on its base at the pull of a lever to face outward from the cabin, offering easier entrance and egress for passengers of limited mobility--such as the elderly or the handicapped. Additionally, the seat meets all of the crash and safety requirements that the standard OEM seat does.

Compared to aftermarket solutions, Renault's MSRP of a little over $2,000 is a steal. The swivel seat option will be available on the Clio in the European markets this year. No word as to whether we'll see a similar option being offered on North American shores by Renault's partner Nissan.

Check the video below to see the Clio's swivel seat option in action.