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Renault EZ-GO previews autonomous ride-sharing future in Geneva

The EV is the first in a line of mobility service concepts coming in 2018.

2018 - EZ-GO

With urban mobility in congested cities a hotter topic than ever, Renault is taking a swing at developing a series of concepts that it will reveal throughout 2018. The all-electric cocoon-like EZ-GO has Level 4 autonomous tech -- meaning it can drive itself, or be driven by a human -- and is the first to be unveiled, at the 2018 Geneva Motor Show.

Riders can call for the EZ-GO to pick them up at any location through an app or can venture to permanent stations setup throughout a city for a lift. To make getting in and out easy, there's a boarding ramp at the front of the vehicle, which is a particular help for people pushing strollers or passengers in wheelchairs.

A boarding ramp makes it easy to get in and out of the EZ-GO.


Once onboard, passengers can enjoy plenty of natural light coming through the panoramic roof while kicking back and relaxing. They can also surf the web and maybe get some work done during the journey using the Wi-Fi hotspot.

For safety, the EZ-GO has a limited top speed of 30 mph, while a four-wheel steering system gives it excellent maneuvering capabilities on tight city streets.

Renault says it's studying car sharing, car pooling and other autonomous vehicle services to see if it can build them into future ideas. We'll just have to sit tight to see exactly what other concepts the French automaker rolls out.

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