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Remember those special-edition Dodge Vipers? Yeah, they're sold out

But, in its infinite generosity, Dodge is rolling out yet another special edition.

2017 Dodge Snakeskin GTC

Just imagine this, but with crazier aerodynamic bits.


The Dodge Viper wasn't exactly a hot seller when it was on sale, despite its throaty 10-cylinder engine delivering enough power and torque to alter the planet's rotation in a very attractive shell. Yet, magically, when a slew of final-run special editions were announced, they sold like hotcakes. So much so, in fact, that Dodge is building another special edition.

The cars weren't being built in huge quantities, so the sell-out shouldn't come as a surprise. That said, the speed at which they disappeared is astounding. The 1:28 Edition ACR sold out in 40 minutes. The VooDoo II ACR? Two hours. The Snakeskin GTC and GTS-R ACR both sold out in two days, as well.

Responding to that mollywhop of demand, Dodge is creating one more special edition, based on an earlier special edition. The automaker will build 31 examples of the Snakeskin ACR, which will feature the same updates as the Snakeskin GTC, but in a more hardcore model. That's the same production run as the original Snakeskin ACR from 2010.

Orders for this final special edition (unless, of course, they build even more) start in mid-July, giving the queue plenty of time to grow to terrifying proportions. While we hate to see the Viper go, it's good to see such high demand for its final forms.

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