Giant mech takes first steps toward its own racing league

Furrion is one step closer to creating its powered mech racing series.

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Last year at CES , Furrion unveiled the Prosthesis, a giant mech that it wants to make the star of a new kind of racing series. The robot only stood around last year, but now, we have proof that it can move.

Furrion posted a new video of its Prosthesis mech to YouTube, and it shows the giant mechanical creation actually moving across the desert. CES concepts are quite fun and fantastical, but many of them have trouble moving into the realm of reality.

Furrion didn't make its name in robotics -- it produces high-end RV finishes, home appliances and professional electronics -- so having a mech that actually moves on its own is pretty damned impressive.

Then again, it absolutely must move if Furrion is to follow through with its plans. Eventually, Furrion wants an entire racing league filled with these things. Yes, you read that correctly -- this company is interested in creating a mech racing league. Is your inner 12-year-old geeking out as hard as mine is?

The Prosthesis is pretty nutso when you're standing next to it. It's about 15 feet tall and about 16 feet wide, weighing in at a rough 8,000 pounds. In its final form, it should be able to run at speeds up to about 20 mph and its battery provides enough juice to run for an hour. It operates by amplifying the user's movements, so if you're not coordinated, your mech isn't going to be, either.

There's no word yet on when Furrion hopes to achieve its dreams, but at CES, where dreams often disappear into vaporware, it's nice to see somebody making some proper progress.

The Furrion Prosthesis is every 12-year-old's piloted-mech dream

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