Relish the beautiful near-silence of Audi TT RS production

Some bits are still done by hand, but our robot overlords take the lion's share of the work.

Andrew Krok Reviews Editor / Cars
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Andrew Krok

Car videos often feature flashy graphics, loud noises and other in-your-face elements. This video of Audi's factory in Hungary contains none of those things, and for that reason, it's perfect. Turn it on, and veg out while short-haired European men build the latest hot coupe from the Volkswagen Group.

This video, taken at the Gyor facility in Hungary, gives us a behind the scenes look at the assembly process for the Audi TT RS, a 400-horsepower "hairdresser's car" that we recently tested and greatly enjoyed. The video shows various parts of assembly, from the marriage of body and drivetrain to dashboard assembly and badge placements.

We're always more than willing to get down and dirty with the final product, but rarely do we appreciate the hard work that went into creating said final product.

(Hat tip to our friends at Motor1!)