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Louis Yio

Red Bull Global Rallycross sings the motor electric for 2018 season

Electric race cars will comprise a third standalone series, alongside GRC's Supercar and GRC Lites classes.

Electric cars taking jumps? Sign me up.

Larry Chen/Red Bull Global Rallycross

FIA Formula E isn't the only electric racing series in town. Starting in the 2018 season, Red Bull Global Rallycross (GRC) will introduce its own battery-powered series.

Electric GRC cars will exist in a third, separate class, alongside the Supercar and GRC Lites classes. All three series will get down and dirty at each stop on GRC's calendar. There's no word yet on what manufacturers will join in, or if any drivers have signed on to the electric series. Heck, the series doesn't even have a name yet.

"Our small displacement, high-horsepower, turbocharged engines allow our manufacturers to showcase the performance capabilities of their current millennial-focused offerings, and provide a glimpse into the exciting future of the automotive industry," said Colin Dyne, GRC CEO, in a statement. "This electric series will add a new dynamic that will never replace the current formula, but will be an important part of our expansion."

Rallycross isn't your average on-track racing. The cars are built similarly to traditional rally cars, but the races take place on a mixed-surface circuit, with racers constantly switching between asphalt and dirt. There are drifts, jumps and plenty of fender benders. It's an absolute blast to watch, especially since the GRC cars are ridiculously powerful.

An electric GRC series might not be as fun to listen to, because electric motors operate in near silence, but the jumps and bumps are definitely here to stay.