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Recalls, recalls and more recalls. (AutoComplete Podcast, Ep. 15)

We have recalls galore, the latest rumors on the supposed Apple Car and a new BMW update that'll make it easier than ever to record your track day antics.

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AutoComplete Podcast, Ep.15

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AutoComplete Show Notes:

Mitsubishi admits falsifying fuel economy test data

Volkswagen used code words to hide its diesel defeat devices, says a report

Apple allegedly hires former Tesla VP, Aston Martin engineer Chris Porritt

Tesla News:

Does Tesla have a serious safety issue with the Model X's giant windshield?

Tesla offers free Autopilot trials to Model S and Model X owners


GM recalls nearly 1 million pickup trucks in the US for seat belt problems

Alert your grandma: Toyota recalls 2016 Avalon, Camry for airbag issue

85 million Takata airbag inflators could still face recall

New on Roadshow:

2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus blitzes Daytona and Appalachia with equal aplomb

BMW's compact X1 crossover packs big luxury in a small package

Track-day video star: BMW adds GoPro integration to M Laptimer app

BMW unveils a super-fancy 7 Series with the worst name ever

BMW recalls new 7 Series, temporarily halts sale

2017 Detroit Auto Show will have a whole exposition dedicated to the future of mobility

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With contribution from Stephen Beacham.