Rare Mark Martin racing footage from the '80s!

To conclude this week's web video tribute to racing veteran Mark Martin, we get a blast from the past from Martin's early days racing for the American Speed Association.

Gary Spencer

This week we've been celebrating the victories that 52 year old racing veteran Mark Martin has enjoyed in this current season of NASCAR. For the final installment in this tribute, I've dug up some vintage Mark Martin footage doing short track racing at Slinger Speedway in Wisconsin circa 1985.

This vintage vid comes from early in Mark Martin's career prior to racing in NASCAR's Sprint Cup series. For the early part of the 1980s, Mark Martin raced for the American Speed Association (ASA), and during this time he won over 20 races and claimed four championships. Now bear in mind that since this is a web video, I do not know what source produced this video, and the audio and video quality leaves something to be desired. And to be honest, I'm not sure which car on the track belongs to Martin (other racing notables participating in this race include Dick Trickle and Bobby Allison, among others). However, I thought this video was worthy of our time for its old school, historical value.