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Ram recalls ProMaster City cargo vans for unrequested transmission shifts

Apparently, super-dangerous activities like bringing snow or water into the vehicle can cause a problem. Those things would NEVER happen in a cargo van!

2016 Ram ProMaster City Wagon SLT
A.J. Mueller

When you buy a cargo van, even if it's a smaller one, you'd probably expect it to put up with the worst kind of abuse. Or, at the least, you'd hope it would be able to handle the rough-and-tumble world of a person at work. According to Ram's latest recall, it appears the ProMaster City might be having some trouble in that department.

Ram has issued a recall covering 23,879 examples of the 2015-2016 ProMaster City in the US, and 3,050 examples in Canada. According to the automaker, the recall exists to relocate an electrical connector near the front of the driver-side seat track, because exposure to moisture can cause that connector to force the transmission into neutral when being brought to a stop.

This problem happens because snow or water might expose that connector to "excessive moisture intrusion," which can send weird signals to the van's transmission control module. Thankfully, no injuries or crashes have been linked to this issue. Although it does make you wonder why the connector was put there in the first place.

The fix is a simple relocation of the connector to prevent additional moisture intrusion. "In the interim," the recall notice states, "customers are advised to protect the driver-side footwells of their vehicles from excessive moisture." Sounds like a great reason to take a rainy day off from work.