Ram Recalls 1.2M Pickups for Tailgate Problems

The tailgates have a chance to open while the vehicle is in motion.

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Until your truck is confirmed to have aligned tailgate striker plates, make extra sure that every load in the bed is as secure as possible.

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The last thing a pickup truck owner needs is to have their cargo spill across the highway at speed. For that reason, the owners of approximately 1.2 million pickup trucks should be aware of Ram's latest recall.

Ram has issued a recall for approximately 1.2 million examples of the 2019-2022 Ram 1500, 2500 and 3500-series pickup trucks. The vehicles in question carry the standard base tailgate. Vehicles with multifunction tailgates are not covered under this recall, and neither are Ram 1500 Classic models or trucks with tailgate sensors.

The issue comes from the striker plates, which help the tailgate stay secured when closed. These plates may not be aligned properly. If that's the case, an improperly latched tailgate may open while the vehicle is in motion. Unsecured cargo may be lost at this time, which could create a road hazard in addition to being a massive frustration for the truck owner.

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Thankfully, Ram is not aware of any accidents or injuries related to the parts included in this recall. The automaker discovered the potential issue through reports dating back to 2019. Earlier this month, Ram decided to issue a voluntary recall to address the problem.

The fix is not difficult. Upon receiving an affected vehicle, technicians will inspect and realign the tailgate strikers as needed, which will remedy the issue. Ram will reimburse any owners who paid out of pocket for the procedure. The automaker will begin notifying owners in late January.