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Ram teases a futuristic electric pickup truck coming in 2024

This battery-powered rig looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. According to the automaker, it should go on sale by 2024.

If this teaser is accurate, Ram's upcoming battery-powered pickup looks like a spaceship.


Lots of intriguing electric-vehicle news came out of Stellantis' EV Day media event, which went down on Thursday. Jeep is making waves and Dodge just teased an electric muscle car that promises boatloads of performance, but likely the biggest news to come out of this event -- figuratively and literally -- is that the Ram truck brand is developing an electric pickup. 

The automaker briefly shared a shadowy teaser image, which shows a windswept truck that looks like something out of a science-fiction movie. It's far more futuristic than the upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning, for instance. Ram is all-in on this pickup and promised it will be a "customer-first" truck. Plans for the pickup include smart and fast charging with the ability to share onboard power and other technologies to "push past what rivals introduced," according to Ram CEO Mike Koval.

The truck should ride on a brand-new EV platform engineered by parent company Stellantis, called the STLA Frame. It's one of four new platforms for electric vehicles, but the STLA Frame is the only architecture to support body-on-frame vehicles, like pickups. Battery packs may range from 159 to 200 kilowatt hours and vehicles riding on the Frame platform are capable of ranges up to 500 miles.

This new electric Ram pickup will accompany a secretive project under the Ram brand, too, which it called the "Range Electric Paradigm Breaker" or REPB truck. We don't have a clue what that means and Ram wasn't ready to share more. But, in good news for truck fans, there is an electric midsize pickup coming.

Across Ram, electrification will expand to the full portfolio and the brand plans to experiment with fuel-cell commercial vans in late 2021. Certainly, all eyes are on this electric Ram pickup. Look for it to launch in 2024.

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