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Ram Punts Electric 1500 Truck Concept Debut From LA to CES

Ram's CEO told The Detroit News that the CES debut better aligns with the company's intentions for the future.

Thus far, Ram has only put out a couple highly stylized teasers for its electric truck, but it's likely we'll get some more hints as January draws closer.

If you were excited to get your first glimpse of Ram's answer to the Chevrolet Silverado EV and the Ford F-150 Lightning at the Los Angeles Auto Show later this month, I have some bad news for you. But don't worry because its debut hasn't been delayed by too much.

Ram will debut its electric pickup truck concept at CES in Las Vegas in January, about two months later than its initially planned debut in LA. In an interview with The Detroit News, Ram CEO Mike Koval Jr. gave a pretty straightforward reason why: "Because of its wide array of advanced tech, as well as the brand's recent global growth that we've talked about and potential for more, we felt that it makes perfect sense to reveal the vehicle at CES 2023."

It's worth pointing out that what we'll see at CES will be a concept, which is to say it won't be a perfect representation of what will make it to production. Rather, the debut should be taken as a preview of what buyers can expect from an electric Ram pickup when it comes to market. Even with this debut delay, Ram still remains on track to deliver a production EV truck in 2024. Before that, the automaker will introduce an electric version of its ProMaster commercial van.

Even though Ram will be the last of the American Big Three automakers to debut its electric truck, giving its competitors will have a fair bit of a sales lead, Ram's chief executive told The Detroit News that its later introduction could prove to be an asset. "The way we look at that is that it is decidedly an advantage for us, because we know with full knowledge of what our competitors have announced that we will bring an even better suite of solutions to the market in 2024," Koval said in his interview.

Ram hopes to electrify most of its segments by 2025, and intends to offer full-electric variants of all its vehicles by 2030.