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Ram Dakota could be a reality following trademark application

Rumors have long circulated about a new midsize truck from Ram, and it could reintroduce the Dakota name.

2007 Dodge Dakota
Is the world ready for the Dakota's return? We'll see if it pans out.

Ram's hinted it wants to play the midsize pickup game, and it could reach into the archives for a familiar name.

Users on the Dakota Forums first discovered over the weekend (Motor Trend picked it up on Monday) that Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Ram's parent automaker, filed a trademark for "Dakota" on April 29. It could be that the name finds its way to a long-rumored pickup for Ram. We haven't seen a Dakota since 2011 when it was called the Dodge Dakota. Remember when Chrysler's pickups were badged Dodges? Things have changed.

Automakers routinely file renewals for trademarks they don't want to lose to competitors, and it's worth noting Mopar still sells accessories for the Dakota, so the name has technically remained active. This could be a simple renewal, or perhaps point to something bigger in the future. Ram declined to comment on the trademark filing.

Previous information points to a new Ram pickup coming by 2022 and it could share a lot with the Jeep Gladiator. Ram's midsize pickup shouldn't hurt the Gladiator too much since Jeep will push it as an off-road machine, while Ram would certainly chase a separate customer with various bed and cab configurations. The Gladiator is only a crew-cab machine, after all. It'd likely make the Ram less expensive choice for those looking for a smaller pickup from FCA.

Should Ram jump into the segment, the truck wars will be alive and well. Chevrolet and GMC continue to sell the Colorado and Canyon, Ford reintroduced the Ranger last year and Nissan has a new Frontier on the way. Toyota continues to push its Tacoma as well. Americans love their trucks, after all. Just one thing, Ram, if you're listening and this truck is in the works: Find a way to drop the supercharged 6.2-liter Hellcat V8 in a midsize truck.

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