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Rally genius Ken Block hoons Hollywood in Gymkhana Four video

Rallycross master Ken Block has built a cult following with his daredevil rallycross gymkhana videos and now he's gone all Hollywood -- in a good way.


Rally supremo Ken Block has built a cult following with his daredevil rallycross gymkhana videos and, like all successful celebs on the rise, he's inevitably gone all Hollywood -- but in a good way.

For Gymkhana Four: The Hollywood Megamercial, Ken ventures into the back lot of Universal Studios, where he delaminates rubber quicker than looters can empty a branch of Dixons -- all while paying homage to iconic moments in movie history.

Being set at Universal Studios, Ken is presented with plenty of opportunity to re-live famous moments from the silver screen. The video starts with a series of clips that feature Block (or possibly a stuntman) walking in slow motion -- on fire -- then being eaten by a zombie while his Ford Fiesta forms itself from a pile of liquid metal, T-1000-style.

When the action kicks off, boy does it kick off. Block can be seen hurtling -- mostly sideways -- past Jaws, the Bates Motel from Psycho, the guys from Epic Meal Time (who are busy making doughnuts with booze -- standard), crashing through brick walls, and at one point, he even ends the video with a Slumdog Millionnaire-style Bollywood musical number complete with fireworks. Like a boss.

It's one of the most spectacular pieces of hoonage you're ever likely to see -- partly because of Ken's incredible skill and partly because of his equally incredible car.

His Monster World Rally Team Ford Fiesta Hybrid Function Hoon Vehicle (HFHV) chucks out 600bhp and 665lb-ft of torque, which is good for a scarcely believable 0-60mph sprint time of 1.9 seconds, putting the DeLorean, KITT and the General Lee to shame.

That's enough waffle from us (why are you even reading this?). Hammer the play button below as fast as you can to see the Megamercial in action, then head over to Epic Meal Time to hear their reasons why Gymkhana Four is the best yet.