Radio controlled truck with webcam helps geek woo girl

We've just seen arguably the most impressive RC setup ever. It even helped its owner woo a member of the opposite sex from 1,000 paces.

We've just seen arguably the most impressive radio-controlled car setup known to man. It's so impressive, it helped its owner woo a member of the opposite sex from a thousand paces.

The action, which you can see in the video embedded below, begins with a Tonka Summit Too jeep being driven along a beach, apparently by a Ken doll with his lady friend Barbie in the passenger seat. A rotating camera, mounted where Ken's head would be, feeds live images back to an unseen controller, who seems quite content to take the truck on a merry jaunt along the beach.

After a few minutes of dodging puzzled children, entertaining boozed-up beach bums and generally being awesome, the truck happens upon a lone sunbather. 'Happens' might be slightly misleading -- the owner rams the truck into the back of her leg before activating a two-way speaker system and beginning a strange but rather endearing courtship.

The woman, although obviously impressed by the setup, seems reluctant to tread on Barbie's toes. Undeterred, 'Ken' disappears, ditches his plastic companion and returns with flowers in what is simultaneously the most romantic and most heartless gesture we've ever seen.

The giant human lady is visibly touched by Ken's display and it's not long before she agrees to follow the doll back to his full-sized human master's lair -- the front garden of a nearby house.

What happens after the two fleshy beings meet is anyone's guess. Perhaps the lady in question is so bowled over by his wireless video goggles and RC skills that the two become mates for life. Or perhaps tiny Barbie reappears with a vengeance and kicks off a small-girl on large-girl tear-up.

Either way, we're thoroughly impressed by the chap's l33t RC skills, the girl's sense of humour and the ingenuity of the RC setup. It just goes to show that size doesn't matter after all.

Check part one and part two of the video below.