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Qualifying for Superside Championship at Le Mans

Today we bear witness to the sights and sounds that made the Superside FIM Sidecar World Championship rock in Le Mans, France over this past Labor Day weekend.

Earlier this week hopefully I whetted your appetite for more sidecar racing action. As I noted in my previous blog this week, over this past Labor Day weekend (September 4-6 2009) international race promotion Superside FIM Sidecar World Championship held its final event of the 2009 season in Le Mans, France. Today's video clip features highlights and breathtaking footage from the qualifying rounds of this year's final Superside event.

I had trouble finding web video footage of the actual final race, I did however find a very high quality video compilation of the qualifiers that took place on Friday before the all important race on Sunday. And while the stands are mostly empty, that doesn't subtract from the stunning video of sidecar racing within. What I really enjoy about this clip compilation is that the camera angles come from all over - some from a distance to show off the cars as they appear on the Le Mans track, and others right up close to the sidecar seemingly from asphalt level. It's all exciting stuff, and what I really enjoy is the engines buzzing aloud (especially around the 3:00 minute mark - listen to that baby go!) - no lame overdubbed music here. Even at 6 minutes long, this clip fails to bore, and once again it has me wishing I was on racing on that track in the sidecar with them.