Putting a 2010 Camaro to the test

In today's video Hennessey Performance puts its supercharged 2010 Camaro up to a dyno test to see just how much punch this modern muscle car packs.

Gary Spencer

Wow. I write a piece a couple days ago about the 2010 and upcoming 2011 Chevrolet Camaro, and next thing I know a representative from Chevrolet communications is posting a comment to my blog. Yeah, it was regarding a discrepancy in the information relayed in the video blog, but to me that's still pretty cool. As this gentleman pointed out, there are custom car builders out there who are co-opting the Chevy Camaro make and putting out non-GM versions of the Camaro for the consumer who wants one done their way. Apparently, Hennessey Performance Engineering does just that, and they've splattered videos of their souped-up and supercharged Camaros all over YouTube. And here's just one of several videos they've done to hype their business of making bad-ass cars even badder.

In this Web video HPE puts a reportedly specialized 2010 Chevy Camaro SS up to a dyno to see what kind of power this beast can bring to its wheelbase, and its horsepower is certainly impressive. (Love the hum of that engine!) Then a little after the 2-minute mark we get to see that same Camaro roar by on a two-lane highway. Like Borat would say, the view is "nice!"