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Proterra's electric bus drove a record 1,100 miles on a single charge

That's about 1,098 miles longer than most would prefer to travel on a bus.


The idea of being stuck on a bus for 1,100 miles doesn't sound that great, but it's a little better when it picks up a world record in the process.

The Proterra Catalyst E2, an all-electric bus, set a new world record for the longest distance driven by an electric vehicle on a single charge. It went 1,101.2 miles before giving up the ghost, which is awfully impressive, considering most people assume heavier-duty EVs like these have limited ranges.

In order to achieve this range, the Catalyst E2 has a whole bunch of batteries -- 660 kWh, to be precise, more than six times the capacity of Tesla's longest-range vehicle. In the past, Proterra drove 258 miles with 257 kWh of battery capacity, followed by 603 miles with 440 kWh.

The previous record-holder was a light-duty passenger car, and it managed to go 1,013.76 miles, itself an impressive feat. I wouldn't expect Proterra's EV buses to travel that distance during regular urban use, but at even a fraction of that distance, it should still be enough for a day's worth of work in a major city. 

At least it was a quiet bus ride, if a little long.