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Prime Day 2020 car accessory deals: Best dash cams, chargers and more

Roadshow is here to help make sense of all the Prime Day deals so you can find the best gear for your ride.

CNET Cars staff
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$26 at Amazon
OBDScar universal OBD2 scanner
Save 43%
$150 at Amazon
Foxwell NT614 Elite Car OBD2 Scanner
Save 21%
$37 at Amazon
Imoli Car Power Inverter
Save 54%
$84 at Amazon
Spade 12-inch Mirror Dash Cam
Save 43%
$44 at Amazon
Aukey Dash Cam
Save 42%
$400 at Amazon
Besenergy Level 2 EV charging station
Save 20%
$85 at Amazon
Autel Autolink AL619 OBD2 Scanner
Save 66%
$28 at Amazon
Autlead C2 12V DC Portable Air Compressor
Save 44%
$24 at Amazon
Neancer Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
Save 59%
$70 at Amazon
NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB40
The best budget jump pack
$105 at Amazon
NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB50
The next step up
$126 at Amazon
NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB70
The sweet spot
$210 at Amazon
NOCO Genius Boost Plus GB150
The powerhouse
$22 at Amazon
JACO ElitePro Digital Tire Pressure Gauge
75% discount
$48 at Amazon
Avid Power Cordless Tire Inflator Air Compressor
46% discount
$51 at Amazon
Foxwell NT301 OBD2 Scanner
26% discount
$80 at Amazon
BlueDriver Bluetooth Pro OBD2 Scan Tool for iPhone & Android
20% discount
$34 at Amazon
Apeman Mini Dash Camera
43% discount
$56 at Amazon
Campark Mirror Dash Cam
56% discount

Amazon Prime Day is upon us once again, and of course we've gone ahead and curated some of the best automotive-themed deals for you so that you don't have to mindlessly refresh the Amazon homepage.

This year, the hot items to look out for include OBD2 scanners, jumper packs, portable air compressors, detailing products and dash cams. While there are around 15 different kinds of each on offer from Amazon, we're only selecting the ones that meet our standards. Keep an eye on this page as we'll be updating it throughout Prime Day, which is actually a two-day event.


Having yourself a cheap and compact OBD2 scanner to keep in your glove box can be a godsend if you have a finicky car that occasionally likes to quit working on you. It'll save you thousands in diagnostic fees at a mechanic and probably save you from pulling out your own hair too. This unit from OBDScar fits that description perfectly: cheap and compact.


So, you saw the Foxwell OBD2 scanner we showed off yesterday and you thought it was cool, but not cool enough. Now we're featuring its big brother, the NT614 which offers even more functionality for even more makes and models of vehicles, for a bit more cash. This thing is a beast, and it's ideal if you own multiple cars.


One of the coolest features on modern family cars is the increased availability of built-in 110-volt household power outlets. These make it a snap to plug in a laptop to charge or, in Craig Cole's case, an ill-advised air-popper. What do you do if your car doesn't have one of these? Easy, buy a power inverter. It takes your car's 12-volt power and bumps it up to 110-volt and it's not even an expensive piece of kit. This one from Imoli will only set you back $37 and even comes with USB ports for charging your devices.


While driving, Spade's Mirror Dash Cam looks like a normal rearview mirror, but hides a massive 12-inch display. The unit integrates a forward-looking 1440p camera that clips onto the existing mirror in your car. Touch the mirror to wake up the screen and preview footage stored on the included 32 GB SD card, or simply shift into reverse to view a secondary feed from a remote 1080p rear camera that doubles a backup camera.


This Aukey unit is a fairly basic and, most importantly, inexpensive dash cam. It features a Sony Eximor sensor, so the captured 1080p footage should look pretty good. This unit's 2-inch display is a tad small for watching footage, but it's good enough to preview and helps keep the unit compact and out of the way while driving. At around $30, this is a pretty good balance of good and cheap. I call that a win-win.

Read our Aukey DR-01 preview.


Being able to charge your electric vehicle at your home is cool, but doing it via a 110-volt outlet is pretty useless, given the battery capacities of today's EVs. Previously, installing a Level 2 charger would have been a fairly expensive proposition, but now, thanks to Prime Day, you can pick up an affordable wall-mounted Level 2 charger with some useful accessories for way less than you probably thought. How much less? How about under $400?


Autel's Autolink OBD2 scanners are some of the most popular units for home gamers right now, thanks to their ease of use, decent screens, wide compatibility and affordability. The AL619 is a good example of all of these traits and will let you diagnose engine and transmission codes, airbag and SRS lights, and more -- all for under $100.


Maybe you saw the other handheld air compressor we shared earlier, were interested, but ultimately decided that having to worry about keeping another battery-powered tool charged was too much of a hassle. That's where the Autlead C2 comes in. This guy has a more traditional form factor and runs off of your car's 12-volt battery. It's also cheap, coming in well under $50.


Of course, if you're pumping up tires, you're going to need a pressure gauge, and one of our favorite kinds is the gun-style that hooks up in-line with your compressor and allows you to check and fill with one device. This Neancer unit comes with some extra fittings and even Teflon tape to help get you set up quickly.


The NOCO GeniusBoost Plus GB40 offers 1,000 amps of cranking power for under $100. That's not bad for something that claims to be able to crank over up to a 6-liter gasoline engine or a 3-liter diesel. Now, thanks to Prime Day, this thing is only going to set you back $69.


Next up on the NOCO food chain is the GB50. This little powerhouse offers up 1,500 amps of cranking power which NOCO claims is enough for a 7-liter gas engine or a 4-liter diesel. The GB50 is usually $150 but during Prime Day it's knocked down to just $104.


The next step up is the GB70 -- the model that we feel is the sweet spot in the Genius Boost Plus range -- which offers 2,000 cranking amps. NOCO claims this will spin over an 8-liter gasoline engine or a 6-liter diesel. More accurately, this thing will crank your normal passenger car over regardless of how cold it is, and it'll do it for longer. Normally the GB70 retails for $200, but now you can get it for $126 which is a stellar deal, no matter how you slice it.


If you find yourself regularly needing to start boats or construction equipment or ultra-high-compression racing engines -- or you just like overkill -- then you should look at the GB150. This little monster will output 4,000 cranking amps which should be good enough to spin over a 10-liter-plus gasoline engine or a 10-liter diesel. It's on sale now for $210, well down from its usual $300 asking price.


Tires are arguably the least sexy parts of a car. They're big, black rubber donuts but for those of us in the know, we know that those donuts have the biggest impact on how your car performs and how safe it is, because they're the only part of the car actually touching the road. A big part of helping tires perform at their peak and last as long as possible is keeping them properly inflated. Doing that involves knowing what pressure they're at initially and unfortunately, that requires some specialist equipment -- aka a tire pressure gauge. The little pencil-style ones you get at a gas station are terrible and inaccurate, you're better than that. Pick up this digital gauge from JACO and always be at the right pressure.

Avid Power

Being able to help yourself out of an automotive jam is an important part of being a grownup. Relying on the kindness of others will only get you so far, and it always sucks to have to call AAA just because you have a flat tire. Now, for less than $50 you can be the master of your own destiny and pump up your own tires with the Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor. Yeah, it looks like a drill, but that's cool. This is also awesome if you're a frequent off-roader and find yourself having to air-down regularly.


If you're interested in owning a vehicle diagnostic scan tool so you no longer have to pay someone else to diagnose your vehicle or reset your check engine light, but you also don't need or want anything so fancy as a Bluetooth dongle, the Foxwell NT301 is perfect for you. It's under $70, has a color screen and provides a ton of easy-to-read information about your vehicle's health.


It used to be that if you had a check engine light or if maybe your car was just running poorly, you'd have to either shell out a boatload of greenbacks to a mechanic to scan your car's OBD2 system, or you could spend a bunch of money to buy your own but it would be this cheap-looking plastic thing with a crappy screen. Now, we're living in the future, so you can have all the functionality of those dedicated devices on your phone. That's why the BlueDriver tool is so cool. The dongle plugs into your car, and connects to your phone where you have access to tons of scan tool functionality plus real time monitoring of some important vehicle functions -- but the best part is that it's less than $100.

Read our Lemur BlueDriver review.


With 1080p recording, a wide 170-degree capture angle and an impact-sensing accelerometer, the Apeman Mini boasts almost everything you need to start automatically capturing footage on the road -- you will need to supply your own SD card, but that's often the case. The unit's 2.0-inch screen is tiny, but also low-distraction. You'll almost forget it's there until you need it.


The Campark Mirror Dash Cam integrates its forward-facing 1080p dashboard camera into a large mirror display that clips onto your car's existing rearview mirror. Meanwhile, a second 1080p camera at the rear of the car serves as a second DVR and as a backup camera when reversing. The installation is a little more involved than the average dash cam, but if your car lacks a rearview camera, this is totally worth the effort and the additional cost.

Don't get stuck in the cold

Listen, folks, it's already mid-October, which means that November and December are right around the corner. For people in many areas of the country that means plunging temperatures and, subsequently, dead batteries. Long gone are the days, though, where you had to carry a big jump pack in your trunk or rely on the kindness of strangers with some jumper cables. Now we have lithium-ion jumper packs that fit in your glovebox and can start just about anything.

We've got plenty more amazing Amazon Prime Day deals coming throughout the two-day-long event, so keep refreshing this page for more cool stuff!